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Operational Services

Surveillance Services

INTRA is the leading service provider in this field in the region. With highly-qualified operations & technical teams (pilots, payload operators & technicians), INTRA is able to provide surveillance services 365/7/24.

Reconnaissance & Mapping

INTRA has a fleet of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles which are equipped with the best high-performance EO IR systems, in order to provide customers with accurate and pin-point-sharp images of areas under surveillance.


With a team of professional senior qualified instructors, INTRA provides training services both in KSA and Internationally. INTRA’s sophisticated training programs are recognized as being some of the best available, wich is borne out by the results attained by students (Pilots, Technicans, Payload Operators.)

Technical Services

Integrated Logistics Support

INTRA has a capable and highly qualified technical team, which provide Integrated Logistical end-to-end Support for Unmanned Aerial Systems and Sub-systems. In 2020, INTRA will complete an operate the first technical centre in the region, quaranteeing best-in-class logistical and support services for customers globally.

Maintenance & Repair

INTRA carriees out maintenance and repair services, to ensure 7/24 operational readiness. Full support is provided on-site with high-tech test equipment ad cetified spare parts, by qualified personnel.

Upgrade & Retrofit

INTRA is capable and has vast experience with great success in enhancing the performance and operational quality and readiness of various platforms; by providing upgrade & retrofit solutions regardless of the source of thoose systems. (ie. Western as well as Eastern platforms.)

INTRA Defence Technologies