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INTRA Defence Technologies Ltd. is a private High-Tech company which designs , develops, manufactures and fully supports, High Performance and innovative Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), as well as all related sub-systems, which are ITAR-free, to customer and partners around the Globe.

 INTRA’s Unmanned Systems are unique, cost effective, and user-friendly. Solutions are specifically designed for Military, Public Security, Industrial and Commercial Operators.

INTRA stands firmly behind its products and provides customers with backup and after-sales-support services which are second-to-none. With a highly capable project management team, knowledgeable technical support engineers, as well as skilled training professionals, INTRA understands the importance of providing a prompt response to any technical issues which may arise; in order for customers to attain maximum benefits from their Unmanned Aerial Systems at all times.

INTRA also provides autonomous end-to-end UAV-based surveillance, reconnaissance and inspection services for and on behalf of customers as and when required.

In this regard, INTRA has more than 21,000 hours of flight experience in actual operational conditions; whether they be border patrol, pipeline inspection, highway patrol, wildlife protection, sea patrol (fisheries inspection and ship identification), weather monitoring, as well as flight safety services such as testing of navigational systems.

Additionally, INTRA provides customers with a variety of services such as engineering, system integration and upgrading, as well as training.


Reliable, competitive, and human-oriented technology

To be a reliable, competitive, and human-oriented technology firm which preserves its functional contribution to the global peace, as well as serving its establishment purposes.


Design, manufacture, supply and support

To design, manufacture, supply and support world-class Tactical and Commercial Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) as well as their related sub-systems, to customers and partners around the Globe.

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